Recent Media Composer Updates

Media Composer 2019.11 - November 2019
  • Drawing Shapes and Text with Titler+
  • Additional Support for XAVC HD Intra (CBG) Class Resolutions
  • Bugfixes
Media Composer v2019.11 does not currently support macOS v10.15 (Catalina)
Media Composer 2019.9 - September 2019

  • Bugfixes and enhancements
Media Composer 2019.8 - August 2019
  • Bugfixes
Media Composer 2019.7 - July 2019
  • Bugfixes
Media Composer 2019.6 - June 2019
Enables you to edit at the speed of imagination…
  • New user interface design and more intuitive user experience
  • Task-Oriented Workspaces that give you the tools you need… when you need them
  • Find media faster with new bin mapping and navigation
Gives you more power at your fingertips with the next-gen Avid Media Engine…
  • A future-proof, 32-bit floating point timeline for editing processing, rendering and playing back media
  • Native OP1a so you can work faster with industry-standard media formats that come your way
  • Farm rendering and transcoding out over the network with the new Media Composer | Distributed Processing Option *
Empowers you to finish and deliver without ever having to leave Media Composer…
  • Accelerate your workflows with the new 32-bit float color pipeline and preserve the pristine quality of your HDR content, whether 4K… 8K…. and even 16K resolution
  • ACES Logo program partner for color workflows, so what you see… is what you get on screen
  • Industry-standard simple IMF delivery for emerging OTT workflows
Enables organizations to take advantage of a completely customizable toolset…
  • Customize the interface for any role in the organization, from craft editors and assistants to loggers and journalists
  • Provide all the tools they need and none of the ones they don’t
  • Ensure unparalleled security and control over your assets
Media Composer 2018.12.3 - March 2019
  • Bugfixes
Media Composer 2018.12.1 - February 2019
  • Bugfixes
Media Composer 2018.12.1 - January 2019
  • Avid Link now included
Media Composer 2018.12 - December 2018
  • Background Auto Bin Save: Media Composer now performs automatic bin saves in the background – letting editors continue to work and focus on creative tasks and not deal with costly interruptions
  • New High Res Title Tool: Create and edit titles in any raster, directly in the record monitor – and switch rasters automatically without having to realign or adjust your text
  • Group and Multigroup Updates: Add, edit, remove, trim and update clips in groups without having to make a new group. You can also create groups with mixed framerates, create multigroup from a sequence, change the reference audio track, and cycle through all cameras using Swap Camera Banks 
  • Shape-based Color Correction: Draw and manipulate shapes in the Color Correction toolset to apply different looks to the shape and base layer. You can also animate the shape using tracking tools and create multiple shapes in the same layer. (Requires Symphony Option)
  • Faster DPX Linking and Editing: Link to, edit and play back DPX files up to 10x faster than before
  • 64 Tracks of Video: We’ve expanded our track count so you can have up to 64 tracks of audio and video
  • Syncing using Waveforms: Sync audio-only clips to video directly in the Timeline using waveform analysis – no need to rely on In points or Timecode
  • DNxUncompressed 12 Bit: Now you can create DNxUncompressed media at 12 bits, saving you space and bandwidth
  • Enhanced QuickTime Support: This update also includes fixes for a few issues related to QuickTime files. Customers who have been reporting problems linking to or importing .mov files should upgrade to 2018.12.
Media Composer 2018.11 - November 2018
  • DNxUncompressed Update - DNxUncompressed is available at any raster dimensions (HD, 2K, UHD etc.) With this release, 8 bit and 10 bit DNxUncompressed are supported.
  • Timeline Settings Change - In previous releases, Show Four-Frame Display was on by default. Show Four-Frame Display is no longer on by default.
Media Composer 2018.10 - October 2018
  • Mac OS Support - Updated list of supported Operating Systems. 
  • AVC-LongG - Additional AVC-LongG formats are supported with this release.
  • Color Management LUT fix - The BT.2100 color conversions between PQ 2020 and HLG 2020 are made according BT.2390 specifications (at 1000 nits).
  • Additional Color Space Presets - More color space presets are available inProgressive HD projects.
Media Composer 2018.9 - September 2018
  • Live Timeline Additions - You can solo, mute, and change audio gain during playback. You can also choose to set certain Edit Marker window behavior during playback.
  • AMA File Export Change - Export options have been updated.
  • DNxUncompressed - With the introduction of DNxUncompressed, it is now possible to import, render, transcode and mix-down at uncompressed quality.
  • Default Stream Count Limitations in Media Composer - Real-time streams are no longer limited to 12.
  • DPX Export Improvement -  Exporting DPX files is much faster than in previous releases.
  • HLG Scope: Display 75% graticule for Graphics white - The HLG scope waveform displays an orange horizontal line to show graphics white at 75%.
Media Composer 2018.8 - August 2018
  • Avid Generic Plug-In:  Avid continues working to remove dependencies on QuickTime libraries.
  • Launching Media Composer | First:  There is a single installer for Media Composer and Media Composer | First
  • Enhanced Correlation Tracker: You can select additional export options from Export to File.
  • Exporting to XDCAM Change:  When exporting XDCAM OP1a, you select XDCAM through the Avid Media Processor.
  • Exporting AVC-I OP1a: This release expands our support for exporting AVCI-OP1a.
  • Avid Artist DNxIP Device: This release supports the Avid Artist | DNxIP device.
  • Setting Automatic HDR Conversions for SDR Media:  The editing application allows you to map the white point of SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) media for REC2020 (HLG) and REC2020 (PQ) projects.
  • 3D LUTS for HDR to 709 Conversions: We have added 3 LUTs that allows you to preserve high luminance values when converting to Rec.709.
Media Composer 2018.7 - July 2018
  • Introducing Live Timeline
  • 16K Project Presets
  • New High Frame Rate Projects (100, 119.88, 120)
  • Support for NewTek® NDI Video over IP
  • Resize the Composer Monitor
  • Work with BXF Files
  • Support for Full Frame Stereoscopic with Avid Artist DNxIQ
  • Performing an Insert Edit to an Exported Sequence
  • Preview Growing Sequences and Clips while Exporting to DNxHR or DNxHD
  • Allow AMA File Export with Media Offline
Media Composer 2018.5 - May 2018
  • Get Info Window Update
  • Hybrid Log Gamma Color Transformation
  • Change track in create/edit Marker dialog
Media Composer 2018.4 - April 2018
  • Timeline Clip Notes Window Updates
  • Updates to the Marker Window
  • Customizing Timeline Views
  • Setting Pre-Roll for Script Window and PhraseFind
  • Color Adapters Listed in the Effect Editor
  • Performing Insert Edit to an Exported Sequence
  • Run Length Encoding for Alpha on Import
  • iMac Pro Support
  • Refreshing Locked Scripts
  • Media Composer Generates iXML Metadata When Creating WAV Media
Media Composer renamed into Media Composer Perpetual License
Media Composer Subscription renamed into Media Composer | Ultimate, now including Symphony-, PhraseFind-, and ScriptSync-Options.
Also available Media Composer (subscription license, no options included, lower price point)

Media Composer 2018.3 - March 2018
  • Splash Screen on Primary Monitors
  • Progress bars on the Primary Monitors
  • Selecting Tracks in the Capture Tool and Digital Cut Tool
  • 1080p/50 XAVC-Long Capture
Media Composer 2018.2 - February 2018
  • Quick Access to Grid Settings
  • Color Correction Improvement
  • AVX2 Plug-in Names on Splash Screen
  • Setting Font and Font Size in the Find Window
  • Artist Color Control Surface Improvement
Media Composer 2018.1 - January 2018
  • Mappable Quick Find Button
  • Direct Out Export option
Media Composer 8.10 - December 2018
  • Enhancements to Audio Mixer Tool
  • Reverse Motion Timewarp Effects
  • Syncing Based on Waveform Analysis
  • Export OP1a MXF file as Panasonic AVC Long-GOP (H.264)
  • 8K Project Presets
  • Refreshing Locked Bins
  • REC2020 (HLG) BT.2100 and REC2020 (SMPTE 2084) Color Spaces
  • Logging in to MediaCentral
Media Composer 8.9 - August 2017
  • Support for HiRes Monitors
  • Performing Audio Slip
  • Audio Mixer Redesign
  • Automatically Open Effect Editor
  • Pre-clip and post-clip playback
  • Source Browser Collapse and Expand
  • Larger Thumbnails in the Source Browser
  • Position Bar Snap
  • Source/Record Colors
  • Real-time Scope and Dual-Split Updates
  • Custom Grid Settings
  • Create a Custom QuickTime Export with Multiple Discrete Audio Tracks
Media Composer 8.8 - February 2017
  • Timeline Clip Notes: You can add notes to clips in the Timeline and view all the notes in the Timeline Clip Notes Window. (Used to be Adding Comments.)
  • Frame Cache for Effects Editing: Enabling Frame Cache when performing Color Correction.
  • PhraseFind (Option): PhraseFind (phonetic find)searches and finds audio dialogue throughout bins in a single project.
  • ScriptSync (Option): ScriptSync uses phonetic-indexing technology to analyze the audio portion of a clip and match it to lines of the script text.
  • Bin Sharing on Non Avid Storage: The editing application will notify you if your third party storage is emulating Avid NEXIS or Avid ISIS storage.
  • Change to Find Window: A few changes have been made to the Find Window.
Media Composer 8.7 - December 2016
  • Match Frame to Titles and Matte Keys: You can now use Match Frame to quickly find the original source of any title or matte key from a sequence
  • Audio Dupe Detection: Quickly view every duplicate clip in your Audio tracks and identify related segments
  • Extended audio punch-in: Keep recording audio beyond the duration of the loaded sequence—up to two
  • hours past
  • Sony Long GOP support: With native support for Sony XAVC-L, Media Composer now provides a complete end-to-end Sony Long GOP workflow
  • Advanced Bin Management: Creating and saving bins is easier and faster, with the ability to set a default bin view, create a bin based on a folder, close all but the active bin, and skip bin auto-save prompts
Media Composer 8.6 - June 2016
  • Source Browser window: Preview, triage, and select file-based media before actually bringing it into your project; easily manage your source media with automatic AMA plug-in selection, the option to link or import clips, and navigate folder directories
  • New audio tools: Mix soundtracks more easily by creating groups, ducking audio, and nesting multiple AudioSuite effects
  • Video over IP: With support for the AJA KONA IP card, you can use your Ethernet network to ingest, route, monitor, and play out SD, HD, and 2K media
  • Native support for Panasonic AVC-Long G: Work with the latest and most in-demand camera codecs
Media Composer 8.5 - January 2016
  • New sleeker interface: Access key tools and features faster with simplified and reorganized menus, making editing more intuitive, productive, and fun
  • Support for 64 audio tracks: Create bigger soundtracks while keeping dialog, music, sound effects, and more in separate tracks
  • HDR support: Edit high dynamic range (HDR) projects to achieve more realistic, dramatic imagery
  • High-visibility editing: Edit with greater precision—and confidence—with new high-visibility feedback displayed as
  • you edit in the timeline , enabling you to instantly see your sequence change—before you commit the edit—as you trim clips, edit with sync locks on, and drag and rearrange segments
  • Better performance: All played frames and associated effects are cached in RAM, allowing for smoother performance when scrubbing or playing back a complex sequence multiple times
  • Group master clips using audio waveform analysis
Media Composer 8.4 - July 2015
  • Custom Raster support: Work with any raster up to 8K, from proprietary camera formats to special formats to any raster you can define
  • ProRes and XAVC-I native high-res playback: Optimized performance for ProRes and XAVC-I give you
  • added flexibility to mix and match high-res media in the Timeline—from DNxHR to ProRes to XAVC-I—and edit with smooth real-time playback
  • View closed captions in the Timeline and on an external monitor: See closed caption breaks in the Timeline and expand your closed caption workflows beyond the interface
  • Alpha channel support for QuickTime-wrapped DNxHR: Enhance your graphics, effects, and compositing workflows when working with QuickTime applications
  • Media Composer | Cloud with Dynamic Media Folders and Background Services: Use Media Composer software and Media Composer | Cloud workflows on a single system—including remote cloud-based editing— while simultaneously performing background upload, render, consolidate, or transcode
  • GPU effects acceleration (all systems): Get faster performance with AMD and NVIDIA cards on Mac OS X and Windows-based systems